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Happy Birthday!

Muchas Felicidades Sorrento~


Saint Seiya | Poseidon (Hades Elysion Chapter)

“Listen, Sorrento. I have lent a hand to Athena’s Saints. Do you really think that this Eclipse is caused by normal sky mechanics? Many people on Earth think this is just a mere eclipse. They think that after the Sun was covered by the Moon, the Sun shall appear again. No. This is a different kind of eclipse. This eclipse is happening everywhere in the world at the same time. When this eclipse will be completed, the Moon shall stay. And the Sun will never shine on the Earth again. This is all done by Hades. Hades wants to turn the Earth into a world of darkness and stand in my way. Athena and her Saints are fighting in the Underworld to stop this from happening as we speak. Unfortunately, Athena sealed me away, so all I was able to do was to send some of the Gold Cloths to them.”

Change of heart, or the enemy of my enemy is my friend?


I really like Sorrento, Issac and Kanon’s attacks. :D


Saint Seiya | Music as a weapon…

Killing you softly with their song.

Diseño de personaje. Sorrento de Siren

Ultimate Cosmo


Sorrento de Siren ~♥


The flute is mightier than the chain…?

Dammit, Shun! Whatever happened to being the saint with the most latent talent?


Pink Eyes♥


Pink Eyes

Happy Birthday!


Siren Sorrento.

Los dos cumpleañeros.