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Feliz Cumpleaños Shaina


Parece que estuvieran bailando. 


Feliz Cumpleaños Shaina de Ofiuco 
Happy Birthday! Ophiuchus Shaina

¡Feliz cumpleaños nuestra friendzoneada Shaina!

¡Feliz cumpleaños nuestra friendzoneada Shaina!


Ophiucus Shaina ( 蛇遣い星座 [オピュクス] のシャイ )
(Bonus) Request by miss-morita


Saint Seiya | Next Dimension | Ch 54

“It’s… some sort of emblem… Such thing buried between the Scorpio and the Sagittarius Temples? What could it be? Ah… Aaah!… Could it be…? The ruins of the legendary Evil Temple!!”

“The end of the world, the doomsday on Earth… is near.”

“Es… una especie de emblema… ¿Algo así enterrado entre las Casas de Escorpio y Sagitario? ¿Qué podría ser? Ah… ¡Aaah!… ¿Podrían ser…? ¡¡Las ruinas de la legendaria Casa Maligna!!”

“El fin del mundo, el último día sobre la Tierra… se acerca.”

(Aquila Marin & Ophiuchus Shaina) - download raw LQ (x)

What’s going to happen to Shaina - is she now “zombified” by the 13th Temple reveal? Are there two Ophiuchus cloths? Or was the Ophiuchus Cloth just downgraded to Sllver sometime in the past? Is this 13th Temple discovered because the Bronze Saints are changing the present, or because the absence of Athena and/or the Gold Saints in the Sanctuary has awakened the evil Temple in the present?

Anyway, it’s nice that Kurumada is adding new stuff - otherwise a 3rd version of the  Hades vs Athena Holy War would have been unbearable.


Saint Seiya | Shaina vs Hyoga

that’s hot and not the Seiya/Shaina tsundere (Seiya won’t fight and she wouldn’t put her heart into it anyway)