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Stand up and face me in a fight.



Ever since the “SAVE YOUR ATHENA” poster for Legend of Sanctuary was released I’ve been thinking of doing this. I was just waiting to see what happened in the last episode to finish it.

Maybe one day I might make a GIF version of this. It’s not like I don’t have a bunch of pending stuff to do already…


Saint Seiya | Legend of Sanctuary - Seiya & Saori


Saint Seiya Pachinko Leo Aioria [2/2] (Hoshi no unmei) 


GIF SET: Interrupted again!

Because seriously, all season long *something* gets in the way whenever these two try to get close. I *still* haven’t forgiven Pallas for interrupting their conversation in ep. 92.

I’d also like to take these moment to thank Omega for spending some extra time in the facial expressions in the last SeiSao scene of this series. Seiya’s bedroom eyes are much appreciated. 

25 años y Seiya no puede salir del friendzone.



Saint Seiya Ω |  The Pegasus Family Ending

Sorry,I can´t gif the follows below because I have followers who are under 18



Saint Seiya | and then, the Sagittarius Saint is gone.

¡FLECHARON A SAORI!… no importa en que año leas esto.

¡FLECHARON A SAORI!… no importa en que año leas esto.


Saint Seiya | Saint Seiya Ω - Ep 92 (I fight for you)

According to the Omega first DVD/BR Box booklet,

Omega follows the Tenkai-hen continuity. We don’t know what happened between Tenkai and the first war against Mars, or how Seiya and Saori got their memories back.  As per Abzu’s words, Athena is “the last Olympian” so maybe it is safe to presume the Heaven arc happened and the 11 Olympics “died”

Anyhow, they certainly intended to bring back Tenkai-hen with Seiya reaffirming his absolute and utter devotion to Saori-san.


You are my reason to be

The ending theme to the 1988 SS Movie “Legend of Crimson Youth”— the best SS movie IMHO— They are holding hands! *.* I see this as Saori and Seiya’s official theme song, and I picture them singing it to each other. *So many feels*  <3

These are my first gifs, ever. So, I’m still learning. ^^;

Eres mi razon de ser 

El Tema de Cierre de la pelicula de 1988 “Los Caballeros del Zodiaco Contraatacan”— La mejor pelicula de SS en mi humilde opinion. Ellos se agarran de las manos! *.* Veo este como el tema oficial de Saori y Seiya, y me los imagino cantandosela el uno al otro. *Tantos feels* <3

Estos son los primeros gifs que he hecho. Asi que todavia estoy aprendiendo. ^^;


Athena- Saori Kido- From the Movie “Saint Seiya: Legend of Crimson Youth”. 

No importa cuanto intente, mis gifs siempre salen todos medio borrosos. >//<;

Hard as I try, my gifs always end up looking grainy. >///<;